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"Hi Skip

I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks for your help.  I have not had a great deal of experience with designers and to date the experience I have had was not great - more fluff than substance!  Working with you however is a totally different and engaging experience.  In my business life I have rarely worked with anyone as swift of thought and on the ball as you are and your ability to visualize and create concepts and ideas is impressive.  

Thank you for your input on our home.  Both MP and I are so excited to see this project come to life and for me personally having your views, support and validation of the choices we are making is extremely valuable."                11/6/16

Kind Words From Our Clients


"The theater room exceeds every expectation.  It is magnificent.  We are delighted.  You took our sole, vague concept -- creating something with a late "art deco" feel -- and turned it into something beyond what I could have ever conceived.  If I saw it in a book, I would have said "That's what we want."

The coloring, the quality of the materials, the design.  It's all there.  The room transports us to another place, another time.  Even our little ____remarked that "It's like we're in another building!"  A different building but one with a lovely transition with the hallway ect.  We are very happy."                                     11/28/16

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